The Baton Rouge Advocate runs a great feature on Stewards of Children

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A recent article in the Baton Rouge Advocate profiled the Stewards of Children program and highlighted the work of one group working in the community to prevent child sexual abuse.

Rob Carlisle, chief executive officer of Child Advocacy Services in Hammond Louisiana said, “We want to deny that anything like that could happen to our kids,” to those attending a recent prevention training session for the public, hosted by Oak Grove Baptist Church in Prairieville.

“It does take a village” to raise a child, Carlisle said. “We’ve gotten too far away from that.”

Anne Lee of D2L was also quoted for the article.  “The emotional and physical costs of child sexual abuse are high.  Survivors of such abuse often turn to alcohol and drug use or have unhealthy relationships,” she said.  Anne added, “Recent research has also linked child sexual abuse to such later health problems as diabetes and obesity and even heart disease and cancer.”

We can stop this. We can stop this in real time,” Lee said.

“Everybody wants to think this is someone else’s problem,” she said.

“Every parent, every grandparent, every aunt and uncle and every neighbor needs to do this training,” Lee said.

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