Talking to Your Kids Keeps Them SAFE- Case in Point

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I came across a recent story of a seventy-five year old man that was arrested for trying to sexually abuse a little girl at a children’s center in Apache Oklahoma.  The little girl told her mother that the man touched her inappropriately in the private parts and that she pushed his hand away and kicked at him.  The man, Robert “Bill” Wallace was the youth  coordinator at the children’s center where the abuse took place.  He was later questioned by police and admitted to the allegations.

While not specifically mentioned in the article that the mother had talked to her child previously about what to do if someone ever touched her inappropriately, the child’s handling of the situation, clearly suggests so.  She did all the right things.  She said no and pushed away and then told her mother.

We use this as a reminder that talking to your kids can have a huge impact on a potential situation of abuse.  Here are a few important tips:

  • Have age appropriate conversations with your kids about sex, their bodies and sexual abuse.  Start early and talk often.
  • Tell them about appropriate and inappropriate touches.
  • Tell them that if someone does touch them inappropriately that they can say no, that it is not their fault and to tell you or another trusted adult.

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