Talking To Your Kids About Sex

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At Darkness to Light we believe that as adults, we are responsible for keeping our children safe from sexual abuse. One major aspect of keeping children safe is teaching them about healthy sexual behavior. Sex is a part of life and sooner or later kids will become curious. As parents, it may not be fun, but it’s important to make sure your kids understand sex.

Some Simple Tips:

Approach your kids before they approach you. Rather than have your kids learn about sex from outside sources that you can’t control, talk to your kids about sex so you know they have a healthy understanding. Start early.

Treat the talk like any other discussion. Kids respond how they think you want them to respond. If you act mature and honest, kids will reciprocate the maturity. You don’t have to overemphasize the discussion or be too nervous, you’re the parent and you’re in control.

Use appropriate names to describe body parts. Penis and Vagina are only silly words if you make them silly. Using these words makes it easier for kids to come to you with questions, and makes them feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Teach your kids that their body is theirs to control. Let your kids know that if they are not comfortable with a situation that it’s okay to tell you. Equip them with the confidence that they are allowed to say NO to adults.

Explain that sex is a part of life shared between people who love each other who both choose to have sex. Making sex a meaningful and intimate experience means that children will feel empowered to make their own healthy decisions.

Be age appropriate. Respond to your child’s age and curiosity level. Talking with a five year old is much different than discussing sex with a teenager.

Be open. Let your kids know they can come to you with questions, fears, and concerns. Remember, you can be assured that you’re a healthy source for answers so make yourself available.

Giving your children an understanding of sex and a feeling of control over their own decisions with regards to their bodies is key step in ensuring the safety of your kids. The ‘sex talk’ may not be your most comfortable moment, but it’s a crucial parenting decision.

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  1. I am just discovering your organizations' blog. How wonderful! This is such an excellent, informational post. Would you submit it to THE BLOG CARNIVAL AGAINST CHILD ABUSE? I founded and maintain this carnival and am hosting it at my own blog this month in honor of World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse on Thursday. Details and a handy submission form link are at my blog. Thanks for considering it!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. As a survivor, I have often questioned how I should deal with this subject with my sons… looks like I'm handling it alright – thank goodness! Thank you for the information!!!

  3. I just printed this list out to send to my daughter and neice who have young children. I had this talk with my children the first time when they were 8 and 9 years old. When they were teenagers, I told them about my own childhood incest and my father. Thanks for the information.

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