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My name is Timalee and I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse.

I was abused at the hands of my paternal Grandfather from about ages 5 to 13. I was in my late 20’s when I first disclosed my secret. At that time, my Mom said the magic words “It’s not your fault,” which were quickly followed by “You’re not the only one.” In that life changing moment, my Mom remembered something about having been informed that in 1978 he’d been arrested for ‘bothering some kids’ in the neighborhood. She’d never been informed about any follow up and as people often did in those days, she dismissed it and forgot about it until I disclosed all those years later.  As it turns out, my Grandfather was a pedophile operating in his small community over many years. He victimized both children in the family and in the neighborhood as well.

My Stepmother was horrified that this had happened to me when I came forward with this news, and was instrumental in helping me fill in the details that my Mom never knew. I was able to get the undeniable validation that so many other victims are never are able to, and I’m so grateful. I was able to search the legal archives and found arrest records, psychological reports and grand jury records. I was blessed to get the help I needed from adults who love me, even if it was 20 years after the abuse occurred. Good therapy was a blessing to me and I’m now healed and whole and living a full life. I believe that it is a responsibility, and also part of the gift of my wounding to share my story, advocate and educate adults to be Stewards of Children®.

This summer, I had the opportunity to share my story about the long lasting impact that child sexual abuse had in my life with a large gathering and I’d like to share it with you as well. Watch my story below:


Timalee Nevels is Chief of Staff at the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona.  It is because of her connection to amazing women who helped her find the courage to stand in truth, to tell her truth, and to heal her truth that she learned to live more authentically. At the Girl Scouts she has a passion for lifting up women of all ages. Along with her own classes, Timalee is a Brave Girls Club Certified Instructor and teaches the beloved, life changing course, Soul Restoration as well as full complement of other Brave Girl Workshops. Timalee is also a Darkness to Light Certified Instructor and Authorized Stewards of Children® Facilitator. If you would like to connect with Timalee, you can find her here. 







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2 responses to “A Personal Journey

  1. What a powerful story. Thank you for sharing. I am also a victim of childhood sexual abuse and it is a struggle every day to accept myself and my story. Thank you for giving me more hope that I’m not alone!

  2. thnks because the world still hv a kind heart person like u guys to help the child who was abused , god bless u guys

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