Child protection solutions that work for you.

Darkness to Light’s culture-based consulting practices move organizations beyond traditional child safety-focused box-checking to systemic child safety-focused change.

Through our signature approach, Darkness to Light will develop customized social behavior change strategies for your organization. We’ll help you empower your team and volunteers to pioneer integrated solutions that bring child sexual abuse prevention to forefront of operational excellence. We work directly with organizations and communities to embed culturally appropriate prevention practices that address the specific needs of each audience–and we can do this for you, too.

We provide the following services to drive social behavior change:

  • Policy Reviews
  • Policy Development
  • Environmental Safeguarding Scans
  • Communications/Marketing Support
  • Champion Training
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Customized Consultation Packages
  • Training Packages

“Having an expert help us and talk through best practices was exactly what we needed. The Darkness to Light team walked us through the process and we didn’t have to figure it out on our own.” – Program Manager, Youth Serving Organization

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Prioritize child safeguarding in your organization.

Start by filling out this short interest form. This form is utilized to learn more about your organization’s current policies, practices, and culture and will help us determine how best to support you. Darkness to Light’s team will review your answers and schedule a follow-up call to discuss opportunities for engagement.

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One size does not fit all—customization increases effectiveness.

Darkness to Light has developed a three-tiered Consulting Package designed to appeal to your organization type. With this three-tiered Consulting Package, our team works to co-create a solution with your organization. In doing so, each step is iterative and in response to a need as expressed by the organization. This intensive partnership ensures that the solution is crafted to meet the unique needs of your organization while adhering to industry-approved child protection standards.

Depending on your level of readiness, a Capacity & Culture, Analysis & Action, or Policy & Promotion Consulting Package will be made available. Although each package varies in time and intensity, each package comes with support from a Darkness to Light staff person for the duration of time that the organization has agreed to participate in the program. Having the support of a Darkness to Light staff person increases the likelihood that your organization will learn about individual and institutional success factors necessary for creating a culture of child protection.

Policy & Promotion Package
The organization receives up to 3 months of personalized support with the goal of providing policy recommendations and a group of marketing materials.
• Thorough policy/procedure audit
• Policy/procedure recommendations for enhanced safeguarding
• Communication & marketing materials in both digital and print format
• Additional training packages (offered separately)
Analysis & Action Package
Analysis & Action: Organization receives up to 6 months of personalized support with the goal of providing a thorough analysis and action plan to the organization.
• All services included in the Policy & Promotion Package
• Thorough analysis of individual and institutional factors
• Cultural audit of perception and power
• Culturally relevant action plan provided
• Additional training packages (offered separately)
Capacity & Culture Package
Organization receives up to 18 months of customized support with the goal of comprehensively addressing individual and institutional factors that enhance safeguarding.
• All services from the Policy & Promotion Package and the Analysis & Action Package
• Systems-level solutions
• Infrastructure development
• Implementation support
• Stages of success: Engage, Enact, Embed
Partner in Prevention designation support
• Champion training included
• Additional training packages (offered separately)

We use an approach for embedding long-lasting, culturally appropriate change.

Some organizations have unique business models, and some organizations have specific needs associated with the clientele they serve. Our customized consulting packages are uniquely designed to be able to address the needs of diverse organizations. Due to the customization of the packages, pricing reflects the needs of the organization. To get a quote, fill out this form.

Our approach works. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

The Citadel Training Initiative: Setting a New Standard for Colleges and Universities
How and why does a college become a model for the nation in the prevention of child sexual abuse.

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One foundation’s motivation to improve the lives of children has led them to prioritize training over 30,000 adults in communities throughout Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.

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How and why a youth serving organization overcame safeguarding challenges and improved its practices to aid in the prevention of child sexual abuse.