Understanding the Needs of Survivors

Providing trauma-informed support before, during, and after facilitating Stewards of Children®.

Speaker: Alexis Kralic, Orange County Rape Crisis Center

Stewards of Children® is the premier training for educating adults on how to prevent child sexual abuse. While the focus of the training is on prevention rather than survivor support, given the statistics we know that many participants in this training are also survivors. Even if you are not an Authorized Facilitator, working in the CSA world you are going to face survivor disclosures.

This session will give you the knowledge and confidence on how to respond to a disclosure during training, as well as having further knowledge to provide to participants seeking information about how to support a child, or friend, who disclosed. Furthermore, watching the survivor testimony over and over, as facilitators do, can evoke a vicarious trauma experience.

Learn steps on how to provide basic support to survivors with a trauma-informed response, as well as provide tools for recognizing how the experience of listening to a survivor’s story can effect facilitators. The session will go over self-care and create an individual plan that will aim to keep facilitators in the field for a long time and prevent burnout.