Reaching Tipping Point & Re-energizing Community Initiatives

Bringing your community to tipping point & how to re-energize and motivate your initiative while working towards tipping point.

Speakers: Kim Bohme, KIDS Center

Steve Collins, The Georgia Center for Child Advocacy

Reaching Tipping Point: In this presentation, we will review the history of the KIDS Center’s child sexual abuse prevention efforts over the last 12 years. Participants will explore the journey KIDS Center experienced in reaching the 5% tipping point goal. Successes and speedbumps will be highlighted throughout the presentation resulting in training 10,000 people in a rural setting.

Re-energizing Community Initiatives: Feeling stuck? Sustaining coalitions through the protracted process of reaching tipping point is a real challenge. Cultural change doesn’t happen without a consistent effort over time and for the long haul. In this session, we will talk about the challenges of sustaining a coalition through the various stages of reaching tipping point. Though there is no magic formula for doing this, we will discuss options and ideas that can help you continue to make progress toward the goal of tipping point or whatever your specific goal is.