Thinking Outside the Box

How to Successfully Integrate Child-Focused Prevention Education into your Community Initiative.

Speaker: Stacy Pendarvis, The Monique Burr Foundation

Everyone agrees that adults are responsible for protecting children. Past efforts have focused on EITHER protecting adults OR protecting children, however research now supports educating BOTH adults AND children. But how to do that is the question that remains for many. In this session, participants will learn how Florida is successfully thinking outside of the box and is educating children and adults through a collaborative, comprehensive, and evidence-informed approach to prevention education and how to implement their own similar initiative.

The Monique Burr Foundation for Children (MBF) has provided MBF Child Safety Matters™ to over 1.6 million kindergarten through sixth grade students in Florida’s public schools since 2010. MBF Child Safety Matters is a researched, practical, and supported series of prevention education programs created by the Monique Burr Foundation for Children (MBF) in consultation with national experts in the prevention and education fields. These primary prevention programs address the most common types of victimization experienced by children and teens, including bullying, cyberbullying, child abuse, relationship abuse, exploitation, and digital dangers. Elementary school (MBF Child Safety Matters™) and middle school (MBF Teen Safety Matters™) editions are currently available, and an after-school edition (MBF Child Safety Matters is Cool After School) is currently under development.

In this session, you will learn what recent research says about what works in prevention, and how MBF is combining our efforts to educate children with the efforts of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Coalition (CSAPC) to educate adults using Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children®. You will learn how this comprehensive, collaborative initiative is working to better protect children and how you can think outside of the box to better protect children in your own community.