Higher Education & Citadel Case Study

Learn How to Introduce Stewards of Children® into the Higher Education Community.

Speakers: Maj. Stephenie Hewett, Ed. D., The Citadel

During this session, the participants will be introduced to a leadership model designed to prepare college students to become Darkness to Light facilitators and leaders in their communities. Cadets from the Citadel have been selected to become Darkness to Light facilitators. The model of how the cadets go from facilitators to Darkness to Light leaders on and off campus will be discussed. The Citadel requires that every employee and student at The Citadel be trained as Stewards of Children®. The process of training and the role that student leaders play in this initiative will be outlined.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop an action plan with large corporations, schools, and entities to integrate Stewards of Children® training within their work setting.
  2. Solve potential issues with integrating Stewards of Children® into their work setting.
  3. Develop a leadership model to encourage people to become facilitators.