CSEC & Technology

Ways Traffickers Use Technology to Facilitate CSA & How to Prevent It.

Speaker: Angela Boy, DrPH, Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children 

This presentation will look at the ways technology is used by traffickers and buyers to facilitate child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. Emphasis will be placed on grooming, recruitment and purchasing strategies and how child sexual exploitation material relates to child sex trafficking. An overview of types of social media and how they are used to groom and recruit will also be provided. Finally, the session will discuss the use of technology in preventing and fighting child sex trafficking.


  1. List two ways technology is used to groom and recruit children into child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking
  2. List three examples of social media apps that can be used by perpetrators
  3. Describe the link between pornography and the commercial sexual exploitation of children
  4. List two ways technology can be used to fight child sexual abuse and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.