Child Abuse Damages A whole Life, Not Just A Childhood!

We may think that when a child is rescued from an abusive situation, the abuse is over. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Speaker: Denice Colson, PhD, LPC, MAC, CPCS, CCS

As humans, we can be very short-sighted. We may think that when a child is rescued from an abusive situation, the abuse is over. However, the impact to the brain and body continue on. There is undeniable research that points to the ongoing impact of childhood trauma even 50+ years later. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study demonstrates links between 10 types of childhood adversity, or trauma, and adult behavioral health, social, spiritual, and physical health issues. The evidence is so strong that it is considered by the researchers to be the number one determinate of the health and well-being of our nation.

In this workshop, we will review the evidence of the impact of 10 types of childhood trauma, including a special focus on sexual abuse, and discuss implications for assessment, treatment, and policy. We will present some tools developed by the author, and overview a new spiritually integrated curriculum for adults. We will discuss the value and importance of working with adults to begin to identify and address their own childhood trauma, and increase their sensitivity to the child victims around them.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will
1. Identify the long-term impact of child sexual abuse and 9 other types of childhood trauma.
2. Consider the research linking adult mental health, social, physical, and behavioral issues to childhood trauma.
3. Identify how treating an adult’s childhood trauma can prevent and/or reduce future trauma for children.