Join the Movement Hits First Milestone

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A few weeks ago we added the call to “Join the Movement” to our website and today we hit the 500 mark!

While over 250,000 people have gotten involved by taking our training program, Stewards of Children, we wanted to provide another way for people to show their support of prevention, even if they haven’t taken the training yet. It only take a few seconds to Join the Movement. And maybe one more if you “like” us on Facebook while you’re at it!

Have YOU joined yet? Just click here and be counted as someone who believes that children deserve to grow up healthy and whole.

Thank you to our founding 500 members!

6 responses to “Join the Movement Hits First Milestone

  1. My two little boys were abused by their father, we have been fighting in family court for several years now . He has recently been indicted with criminal charges , this is our second time in the criminal courts over this. It has been a nightmare … Would love to talk to someone !

  2. I cannot believe how powerful these 5 simple and sensible steps to eradicate child sexual abuse are. I just completed the Stewards Plus training and I am blown away by the outstanding training. I have never experienced anything like this. Thank you!!

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