Five myths about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal

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VATICAN CITY — As Benedict XVI prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of his election as pope here on Monday, he is beset by devastating reports about the sexual abuse of children by catholic priests — and about his own role in the crisis. The reports have prompted sharp condemnations of the pontiff as well as a backlash of media criticism from Papal defenders in the Vatican and around the world. Amid the firestorm, myths have emerged that only complicate the search for truth, healing and accountability.

I was shown a very interesting article in the Washington Post over the weekend regarding the sexual abuse epidemic in the Catholic Church. Dave Gibson’s article is candid with regards to the Church’s “scandal”, but he also makes us realize that the Catholic Church is not an exceptional case with regards to incidence of abuse.

Gibson’s Myths Here:
1) Pope Benedict is the primary culprit in the coverup of the abuse scandal.
2) Gay priests are to blame.
3) Sexual abuse is more pervasive in the Catholic Church than in other institutions.
4) Media outlets are biased against the Catholic Church.
5) The crisis will compel U.S. Catholics to leave the church.

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