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Darkness to Light’s Facilitators are key players in our efforts to END child sexual abuse. Facilitators are those great citizens around the globe who are authorized to teach our Stewards of Children Prevention Trainings. With over 2,500 facilitators in 47 states and 10 countries we’re making an impact on a local, community level.

If you’re interested in hosting a child sexual abuse Prevention Training in your community, CONTACT A FACILITATOR! They are there to help you.

The link below will help you find a Facilitator in your area.


If you are interesting in becoming a trained Prevention Facilitator contact Ellen at:

On a lighter note… We like to think that we’re hip at Darkness to Light; always being creative, exciting and edgy. But sometimes our true colors show through and the grandmotherly sides peep out. Last week for our “office fun day” we all learned how to knit. We like to think that “we were weaving the fabric of prevention,” but more aptly we were trying not to pull our hair out! Knitting is hard!

Happy Weekend

2 responses to “Find a Facilitator Near You!

  1. Knitting is the best!! I taught myself how to knit about a year ago, and I love it! There has to be some really creative knitting project that everyone can do to raise awareness…..hmmm!

  2. Oh I can hardly wait ! I posted yesterday regarding adoption of aboriginal children but think I forgot to type in the code word . My friend & I have signed up and so looking forward to it .
    I would love to become a trainer . I was thinking of how on my street alone there are 3 home daycares . A school on the next block etc. so much could be offered just within our own small community .
    Thanks for the little boost today .

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