Darkness to Light’s Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is a fun time for families and a time to make cherished memories. Here are a few of D2L’s favorite tips to make sure your favorite superheroes, Disney princesses, and zombies are better protected this Halloween.


1. Never accept candy from a stranger.

2. Attend a community event held by your school, faith institution, or community center.

3. If older children are trick-or-treating alone, plan an safe route and means of communication.

4. Enter homes only if you are with a trusted adult. Only go to well-lit homes.

5. Remember to use reflective tape for costume or candy bags.

6. Check all candy collected for tampered wrapping. As a parent, “taste testing” is always encouraged.

7. Have kids carry glow sticks or flash lights to help them see and be seen.

8. The prime hours for trick-or-treating are between 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. –be mindful and alert of heavy pedestrian traffic if driving during these times.

No matter how your kids spend Halloween, always ensure there are multiple adults present and that kids are never in isolated, one-on-one situations with adults or other youth.

Remember, with a little planning and community spirit, you can help create a fun and happy Halloween for your kids. For more information on how to create safer environments for children, read The 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children,

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