Amy Nguyen, Social Behavior Change

Social Behavior Change Practicum Intern

Amy Nguyen comes to Darkness to Light as a graduate student and photographer who is passionate about bringing her education and creativity to the Darkness to Light team. She is currently a Master’s of Science in Public Health (MSPH) candidate in Health Education and Health Communication at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She received her Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University in Biobehavioral Health with a minor in Psychology. She has strong interests in advocacy, adolescent mental and sexual health, immigrant health, and social behavior change programming. Prior to pursuing her Master’s she worked closely with adolescents living in urban settings to address the harmful effects of trauma, stress, and environment on the development of adolescents through research and programming. In addition to her interests in public health, Amy founded her own photography business in 2014 with the mission of capturing raw emotion to share the stories of those around her.