Announcing 1.95 Million Trained

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In the 15 years since Stewards of Children® first launched, we have seen an incredible community response.

Concerned adults around the world have taken up the call to action to protect children and prevent child sexual abuse. Today, we are happy to announce that we have trained 1.95 million adults and counting in child sexual abuse prevention!

1.95 Million Trained to protect children from sexual abuseWhat began as a community initiative responding to a local case of child sexual abuse has evolved into a global grassroots movement. Large corporations have adopted Stewards of Children® into their corporate wellness plans. Year after year, thousands of teachers and social workers are trained and intervene as active bystanders on children’s behalf. Celebrities have spoken up from their platforms about the benefits of prevention. Research and evaluations have evolved to provide better solutions to the core causes of abuse. Hundreds of cities, counties, states, and even a nation, have trained more than 5% of their adult population to prevent abuse. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s theory of the “tipping point,” once 5% of a population adopts a change in behavior, the momentum for change in that population becomes unstoppable.

The movement is not slowing down. Even COVID-19 social distancing protocols have not stood in the way of prevention education. Through the efforts of our dedicated facilitators and instructors, over 15,000 people have taken a training since lockdown procedures began three months ago. More adults than ever are engaging in the conversation to end child sexual abuse.

CEO Katelyn Brewer greets guests at the Darkness to Light 20th Anniversary Luncheon. Darkness to Light has trained 1.95 million adults.
CEO Katelyn Brewer greets guests at the Darkness to Light 20th Anniversary Luncheon in February 2020.


Because of the momentum of our training numbers, we are excited to announce a bold goal: training another 50,000 adults by December 31, 2020. Let’s ring in 2021 right with an army of 2 Million advocates for children!

To every person who makes up the 1.95 million trained, know that we are grateful for you. Your commitment to prevention is making a bigger impact for children’s futures than you can ever imagine. Thank you.

To get trained to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse, click here.


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