Talking with Children About Signs or Disclosures

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  • Find a private place
  • Drop to eye level, or sit next to the child
  • Remain calm; keep a pace that is patient and slow.
  • Ask the child about the sign in a simple, open-ended style. "I'm worried about you. You seem really afraid and sad." Or, "Is anything bothering you?"
  • Listen to the reponse. Repeat what the child just said with a question inflection. "Your daddy touched your privates?"
  • Listen to the reponse. Let them use their own words and repeat their words exactly again, followed by, "Is there anything else?"
  • Reassure the child that he or she has done nothing wrong.
  • Tell the child, "I care about you."
  • When you are completing the conversation, tell the child, "This took a lot of courage. I'm proud of you for telling me."


Make your report immediately and include: 



  • Name of the alleged child victim.
  • Age of the child.
  • Address where the child can be located.
  • Contact information for the child's parents or caregivers, if known.