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Facilitator Reauthorization Training

To take the Facilitator Reauthorization Training

  • Sign on to your Facilitator Dashboard.  (If you forgot your login name and password, click on the forgot password link. If you still cannot login, email FacilitatorSupport@D2L.org to request a password reset email).
  • Scroll down to the "Training" Panel on the lower right side of the Facilitator Dashboard.
  • This link brings you to D2L's online training platform.  Click the Close button on the opening screen which includes a reminder to disable your pop-up block with instructions for doing so before using any D2L courses.
  • Under the My Training panel you will see the Facilitator Reauthorization Training.  Click the Launch link to launch the training. (Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.)
  • When you have completed the training, close the course window and print your certificate of completion.

To print your Reauthorization certificate

  • Once you complete the reauthorization training close the course window.  
  • Click on the Print Certificate button to access your transcript.
  • Click the Completed Tab. 
  • Select the title “Facilitator Reauthorization Training.” 
  • Under Training Details, click the link that says “Print Certificate"

To take the Reauthorization Training again

  • Log back in to your Facilitator Dashboard
  • Click on the Facilitator Reauthorization Training from the Training Panel on the lower right side of the dashboard.
  • Click the Close button on the opening screen.
  • Click the "My Training" heading on the My Training panel 
  • Click the Completed tab on your Transcript
  • Click the Launch link for the Facilitator Reauthorization Training. 

You can take the Facilitator Reauthorization Training as many times as you wish.

To order your new facilitator materials

  • Sign on to your Facilitator Dashboard
  • Click on the link in the My Orders Panel.
  • Go to the For Facilitators tab.
  • Purchase the Reauthorization Kit for $10 plus shipping. (This includes the new Facilitator Guide & Script with the new Stewards of Children DVD and one Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook) or for $25, you can purchase a replacement facilitator kit which includes a new spiral bound Authorized Facilitator Manual, the Facilitator Guide & Script with a Stewards of Children DVD, one Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook, and a D2L lanyard packaged in a sturdy box.  While ordering your new materials, please look at our other updated promotional items, such as our Partner in Prevention Brochures,Stewards of Children Brochures, and Rack Cards.
  • Order new Stewards of Children Interactive Workbooks.

Please note that the new materials can not be used interchangeably with the old materials. You must use the new DVD with the newStewards of ChildrenInteractive Workbooks, etc.