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May 2013 Newsletter

Meet more survivors and experts from SOC 2.0!

May 2013


    •  Maria Clara Rodriguez
    •  Denise Uhl Jenkins
    •  Joseph E. Laramie
    •  Margaret Hoelzer


Hello Facilitators!

We just couldn't resist changing up the newsletter format again.  We hope you like it.  We also hope this finds you enjoying Spring and warm weather where you are.   

We are excited to introduce you to two new experts and another courageous survivor featured in Stewards of Children 2.0 (SOC 2.0).  We also hope you'll enjoy hearing from Denise Uhl Jenkins, a long time instructor/facilitator who shares her perspective on the 2.0 project. 

In addition, we are providing the answers to some frequently asked questions about SOC 2.0.

Meet Maria Clara Rodriguez, MS, a new Expert in SOC 2.0

Maria Clara Rodriguez is the education and outreach program supervisor at Kristi House in Miami, Florida. Kristi House is a non-profit organization providing services to sexually abused children and child victims of sex trafficking. Maria Clara has a master's degree in psychology from NOVA Southeastern University and has been working at Kristi House since September 2001. She moved from Colombia to Miami in 1997 and finished her psychological studies at Florida International University, where she completed her bachelor's degree in psychology in 1999. 

Maria Clara has been an authorized facilitator since April 26th, 2007. When asked about her role in the new version of SOC, she said, "I feel so honored to be a part of the new SOC training video. I find the SOC to be an excellent training not only for professionals in the community but also for every adult. I became a facilitator years ago because I believe that this training is a powerful tool to educate, raise awareness, prevent, and identify child sexual abuse in our communities. I feel thankful to be a part of a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who strongly believe in prevention and understand also the importance of identifying children who have already been victimized but do not feel that they can come forward. With this valuable training program we can make a difference together and take responsibility to keep our children safe and also to provide an environment in which they can break the silence of sexual abuse and begin healing."

Denise Uhl Jenkins, Certified Instructor, Speaks on 2.0

Many of you may know Denise Uhl Jenkins already. Denise has been a part of D2L since the very beginning, and has trained more individuals in SOC than any other facilitator. When we started working on SOC 2.0, we asked a small group of instructors to join an advisory group, and immediately we thought of Denise. We asked Denise to share her thoughts on the work the Advisory Group has done thus far. Here is what she had to say: 

 "My relationship with Darkness to Light began nearly nine years ago when CARE House, a children's advocacy center located in Dayton, Ohio,chose to join D2L in its pilot phase of the Stewards of Children. It was an exciting opportunity to be a pilot partner with a young organization and share in its enthusiasm and excitement as the prevention movement grew and grew...not only in the United States but internationally as well. It was a privilege to be trained as a facilitator by Paula Sellars, the author and narrator of the curriculum! I was immediately, and continue to be, in awe of Paula's passion and spirit! During the pilot phase CARE House quickly realized the impact of the Stewards of Children. Since the fall of 2004, CARE House has provided nearly 400 trainings for more than 6,300 participants. 

"Imagine how thrilled I was when asked by D2L to be a part of its Advisory Group as it develops SOC 2.0! It is an honor to join Cindy McElhinney and Erika Rowell (the D2L staff), Paula Sellars, four other facilitators on the Advisory Group (Susan Komisar Hausman, Carol Hogue, Tiffany Sawyer and Martha Tumblin) in bringing the next edition to life! 

Despite looking its age, the edition we currently facilitate continues to achieve its objectives and to impact the individual choices trained adults do make. Please know D2L is developing 2.0 with respect for the foundation and steps you and I know and are familiar with.  The changes only increase the curriculum's value...2.0 is contemporary, courageous and credible! It continues to recognize the importance of our individual choices. It brings new emphasis to actions and responses in communities having the potential to end child sexual abuse. 

As D2L anticipates the launch of 2.0 in the late summer, read the Facilitator Newsletters as they arrive in your mailboxes. Each issue will introduce you to the new edition and energize your passion to prevent child sexual abuse."

Joseph E. Laramie Provides insight on internet safety in SOC 2.0

Joseph Laramie has a degree in criminal justice administration from Bellevue University and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. In 2012, Joe founded Laramie Consulting, where he offers trainings and provides resources to assist law enforcement, schools, and communities to address a variety of technology and child exploitation issues.  Joe has more than 30 years experience in the area of child protection and is certified police juvenile specialist. He is a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of online crimes against children, technology safety, cyber bullying, human trafficking, and online and mental health protections for criminal justice professionals.

Joe brings a wealth of knowledge to SOC 2.0. In a recent blog post for iKeepSafe, Joe said, "We need a holistic approach to keeping children safe from those who would inflict harm. This isn't just the responsibility of those in the child protection field; it is the responsibility of all citizens. As my friend and former Director of Training for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says, 'You now have been given the burden of knowledge.' I say, pass it on!!" 

Meet Margaret Hoelzer, 3 Time Olympic Medalist and CSA Survivor

Margaret Hoelzer is a two-time Olympian with three medals from the 2008 Olympics. In 2008, Margaret competed at her second Olympic Games, where she won one bronze medal in the 100 backstroke, a silver in the 200 backstroke, and a silver medal for being a member of the preliminary team in the 400 medley relay. This U.S. record holder in the 200-meter backstroke begins her story with the night she slept at her friend's house when she was 5 years old. She heard the door creak open in the middle of the night and, "I knew who it was," she says. "I knew exactly who it was right away." The man was naked, she remembers, and crawled into bed and began touching her. Although the timeline is a bit fuzzy, Margaret and her mother said they believe the abuse went on for at least two years, ending when the man and his family moved away.

A few weeks after her second-place finish in the 200-meter backstroke final in Beijing, Margaret decided to go public with her abuse. Margaret always said, "If I ever make the Olympics, if I'm ever in that position, I want to help others." This was always her motivation. This was always what she worked so hard for. As much as she didn't want to relive what that man did to her, Margaret wanted to help others. She believes that if her story can inspire one child or even one adult, it is worth her own anxiety.

We are honored that Margaret agreed to share her story with us and to be a part of Stewards of Children 2.0. To read more of Margaret's story, click here. In 2008, Margaret also received the "Voice of Courage" award from D2L. The award is given to those having courage to step forward and share their stories of sexual abuse with the world. Margaret is also the national spokesperson for the National Children's Advocacy Center.


Will SOC 2.0 still be 3 hours?

Yes, our goal is to make Stewards of Children 2.0 two hours long. It will be broken into two sections instead of three.  The training will consist of 35 - 40 minutes of video and 20 minutes of workbook and discussion time. 

For more FAQs on SOC 2.0,
click here


Does your organization send out a newsletter? 

We recently received a copy of the East TN Child Advocacy Center's January and April newsletters, and we were extremely impressed!  Newsletters are a great way to keep your facilitators motivated and up to date, and to share tools they can use to reach more adults in their communities. Make sure to read their newsletters to get some great ideas!


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Time Frame: April 1st - 30, 2013

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