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Partner in Prevention Program Details

How Does an Organization Qualify?

How the Program Works

Who Can Apply?

Instructions for Applying

The Application 

How Does an Organization Qualify?

A Partner in Prevention is an organization or business that has committed the time and effort to educate themselves on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. An Honorary Partner in Prevention is an organization or business that does not directly serve youth, but has committed the time and effort to the prevention effort in their community.

An organization or business qualifies for Partner in Prevention or Honorary Partner in Prevention distinction by meeting the qualifications listed below.

If an organization has multiple locations, each location must meet the qualifications. Alternatively, each location may apply separately as they meet the qualifications.

For organizations or businesses that directly serve youth:

  • Training employees and volunteers using Stewards of Children. Specifically, training at least 90% of a those that work directly with youth.
  • Training new employees and volunteers in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining records of who has been trained.
  • Conducting background checks.
  • Ensuring that one adult-one child situations are in settings that are observable and interruptible.
  • Click here for the complete qualifications.

For organizations or businesses that DO NOT provide direct services to youth:

  • Training 90% or more of employees (or 90% or more of a defined subset of employees).
  • Pledging to repeat the training annually for new employees.
  • Pledging to retrain employees at least every three years.
  • Click here for the complete qualifications.

How the Program Works

Partner in Prevention distinction is an annual distinction. Organizations that apply and are approved are recognized as a D2L Partner in Prevention for a period of one year. The organization is given a dated Partner in Prevention emblem to display at their facility, place on their website, and use on printed materials. The emblem is a sign to the community that the organization has made a commitment to prevention and has put measures in place to prevent child sexual abuse in their organization and in their community.

Partners in Prevention Receive:

  • A dated window “cling” to display the Partner in Prevention emblem at their organization or place of business. 
  • An electronic version of the emblem provided for use on websites.
  • A high resolution version of the emblem for print.  
  • Recognition at www.D2L.org as a Partner in Prevention.

Annual Renewal

Partner status must be renewed annually by submitting an updated application.

Who Can Apply?

An organization or business may apply directly to D2L using the Partner in Prevention Application or a D2L Authorized Facilitator may submit an application on an organization's behalf.

View the Partner in Prevention Application

Instructions for Applying

  • Print a copy of the Partner in Prevention Application.
  • Complete the appropriate sections of the application. 
  • Submit the application to D2L via mail, fax, or email a scanned copy of the application. Mail, fax, and email information is listed within the application.