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State Page News Submission

Add Prevention Related News for Your State's Page on the D2L Website

What kind of news SHOULD you share?

  • Success Stories! Such as an organization committing to train their staff or information about a donation or grant you have received to train a particular audience.
  • A timely response to abuse headlines in your local news.
  • An introduction and link to a helpful article related to prevention.
  • A recommendation of a book, program, website, etc that supports one of the 7 Steps.
  • Check out Leveraging Your State Page for more ideas on how to customize your state's page!

We know you will understand that only items that are prevention related will be added to the site.

Please include the NAME OF YOUR STATE (or country if not in US) in the SUBTITLE field. Include YOUR NAME in the AUTHOR field (anonymous submissions will not be published.) 


Wait! Please Proof Your Submission Carefully before Hitting the Submit Button!

Please allow 48 hours for your submission to be reviewed and added to the site. If your submission is not approved you will be notified by email.