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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Tools for Parents and Individuals

Healthy Sexual Development

While each child develops at their own pace, it might be helpful to understand the typical sexual behaviors that children of different ages might exhibit. Also included are tips for how you can promote healthy sexual development in your child. More...

Talk About It

Step 3 of the The 5 Steps to Protecting Our ChildrenTM encourages parents and caregivers to "Talk About It." Children often keep abuse a secret. By teaching children about their bodies and talking openly about our bodies, sexuality, and healthy boundaries, a child will be more equipped to tell you if something is making them uncomfortable. More...

Step Up and Speak Out

Insist on a commitment to prevention when choosing a youth serving organization. Use these questions to help evaluate the organizations in your community. More...

Suggested Reading

There are an abundance of books available on the topic of child sexual abuse. More...

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