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Getting Your Organization Started

STEP 1: Experience Stewards of Children

STEP 2: Assess Your Training Needs

  • Who will be trained: We recommend that any adult who interacts with children be included in the training.
  • How many training session will be needed: Typically a Stewards of Children session will have no more than 25 people in a session, as a larger group can hinder the discussion portions of the training.
  • How frequently will they be trained: Each time someone experiences Stewards of Children they will pick up on something new. Best practice is to repeat the training every one to three years.

STEP 3: Determine the Best Format - Facilitator Led or Online Training

  • While the actual content is identical, the key difference between the two formats is that the Facilitator led sessions involves group discussion and the online training is taken individually.
  • If there is not a Facilitator available in your area, Stewards of Children ONLINE provides an immediate way to get your training effort started.

Benefits of ONLINE Training:

  • Ease of Scheduling:
    ONLINE training can be taking from any computer and can accommodate any schedule.
  • Tracking:
    If you will be training a large number of people can provide Administrative Access to the system for the purposes of tracking and reporting.

Benefits of Facilitator Led Training:

  • Discussion: Group discussion is a meaningful and valuable exercise and can address any specific concerns about your own organization's policies and procedures.

STEP 4: Have Someone from Your Organization Trained as an Authorized Facilitator

Schedule of Upcoming
Facilitator Workshops
  • Depending on the needs you determine in number 2, you may want to utilize a Facilitator who is already trained in your community or you may decide that it would be ideal to have your own staff or volunteer Facilitator.  Read more about becoming a Facilitator.
  • Consider that Stewards of Children is valuable to ANY responsible and caring adult. Your organization may want to offer the training beyond your own staff and volunteers as an added value to your constituents or even as a way to broaden your reach into the community.