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Join the Movement!

Darkness to Light launched a new initiative and wants you to be among the first to take part and Join the Movement.  

This week, visitors to our website were greeted with a new way to get involved with D2L by “Joining the Movement”. When a person Joins the Movement, they sign a prevention pledge and have the option to receive regular e-mails from D2L with valuable prevention tips. A parent and organization series are available.

While many people  first get involved with D2L by taking Stewards of Children, not everyone is immediately ready to commit two and half hours to the training. We do however hope that this group will take action by Joining the Movement. In return they will receive some tangible, fulfilling information and hopefully begin to understand the importance of taking Stewards. The Movement will engage people at a level they are comfortable with. It’s just one more way to educate and raise awareness.

You can promote the movement if you would like, by adding the Join the Movement button to your website. You can find the info you need at www.D2L.org/linktoD2L

We hope the online movement will gain momentum with each passing day. Please Join the Movement and invite your friends, families and colleagues to do the same. Stay tuned for exciting, new social media plans. Thanks for all you do.