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Continuing Education Units (CEU)

If you hear the word "CEU" and immediately experience feelings of anxiety, confusion and frustration, you are not alone. CEUs can be a great mystery. Many Facilitators want CEU approval for Stewards, but don't really know what to do or where to begin. The benefits of securing CEU approvals for Stewards of Children are enormous. We want to help you understand and cross "CEU Application" off your to-do list.

For now, our CEU knowledge is limited. There are many types of CEUs and no clear cut way to explain the application process. We are currently building a database of CEU information by state.

Here's what we already know:

  • Darkness to Light has secured 2.5 hours of CEU approval through the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). These are the only two national certifications we are able to offer. In certain states, you not only need this national approval, you also need approval on a state level.
  • All other CEUs must be applied for and approved on a state level. You must contact your state licensing board for specific guidelines.
  • The CEU application process varies greatly from state to state. For instance, an application for CNEs (CEU's for nurses) in South Carolina could be much different than the application process in Nebraska.
  • Sometimes the burden of the CEU application is on the Facilitator, but many times the burden is on the Stewards participant. In this case, all you can do is provide a sign-in sheet and certificate of attendance. The participant then is responsible for applying for the CEU themselves.
  • Most professionals need to obtain a certain amount of continuing education units/hours each year. Everyone from lawyers, day care workers, teachers and law enforcement officers must take partake in some type of yearly training to uphold their credentials.
  • Stewards is an extremely inexpensive way for professionals to fulfill their yearly hour requirement, considering many approved CEU courses cost hundreds of dollars.

    What we'd like to know
  • What CEUs have you successfully obtained in your state?
  • What was the application process like? IE: Was it a short and easy application? Did you have to form a committee? Was there a cost associated? etc.
  • How do you uphold these credits? Please explain the renewal process.
  • Are there any CEUs your Stewards participants successfully secured on their own?
  • Have any tips/words of wisdom for the application process? 
  • Any clever ways you have used CEUs to your advantage?  
  • Have you created and sustained any yearly "business" from having certain CEU approvals?
  • Have you ever applied and been denied for a CEU? What were the circumstances?

Please send any or all of your answers to facilitatorsupport@D2L.org. This information will be extremely helpful to your fellow Facilitators. Thank you!