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Submitting Content for Your State Page

So our web site has not officially been live for one week and the response has been phenomenal.  Thanks to all of you for your praise and well wishes.  Also for being patient with us as we continue to work out a few kinks. 

We told you we would be adding new features and we want to tell you about a new feature that we hope you will find very exciting.  We want to give you the opportunitity to share all the great work you are doing for prevention in your area with visitors to the D2L web site, specifically on your state page.  Here's how it works.  Submit your prevention news via the State Page News Submission link from the Resources link on the gray navigation panel of your Dashboard.  Carefully read the requirements for submitting the form before entering your submission as there are a few "rules."  We will review your submission and if approved will publish it to the web site.  Your submission will appear on your State page (or Country page) on the web site.  For an example of what it might look like, check out the page for South Carolina. 

We look forward to your submissions and helping spread our success stories far and wide through the D2L web site. 

Thank you for all your efforts.