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We are very excited to be putting the finishing touches on the "State" pages. We've been listening and we know that you want a visitor to the site to be able to find out about things you have going on in your area. It is still a few more weeks before we'll know for sure, but if we get any publicity out of the show Oprah is doing at the end of the month, we want to make sure someone in your state can find you. Please get your upcoming sessions plugged in! 


Here's how it works:

  • Under My Events, click Add a New Event
  • Enter in the details of your session
  • Your event will go into the queue for approval (Please allow 24 hours for approval.)
  • After the event is approved it will automatically show up on the list of events for your state! (You can find your state in the "D2L Near You" box on every page of the website.)

Please note that content and the format for the state pages are still being worked on!