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New Facilitator Resource Center and FAQs

We have the Facilitator Resource Center now working and are in the process of converting over all of the resources from the web site.  We have added a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you find answers to the most common questions we are getting.  Please make use of this resource as much as possible as we are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails.  Check back often as new FAQs are being added regularly.  In addition, we have put up a User's Guide to the new web site under the Manuals folder of the Resource Center or you can Click here to access it. 

Here are a few of the common issues being reported and currently being worked on. 

  • Personal contact info not complete or up to date.  You can now update your own record through the My Profile panel.  Select View/Edit My Profile and update your information.  Please do not email us contact changes as you can make the changes to your profile at any time. 
  • Forgotten usesrname or passwords.  Please change your user name and password to something that will be easy for you to remember. You can change your password by selecting View/Edit My Profile and selecting Update Password from the gray navigation panel on the left.  If you change your password and then can't remember it choose the link on the Login screen that says "If you forgot your password, click here" 
  • You will see a place on the Dashboard where the total people you've trained is calculated. This is based on your Stewards training sessions that YOU HAVE REPORTED via the survey tool on the old web site. If you have not reported it will show 0. To see what trainings are calculated in the total, View Past Events.  Only training events titled Stewards of Children are counted in the total.  If you regularly co-facilitate, the number trained is only calculated for the primary facilitator.  It is not also counted for the co facilitator. 
  • You can enter past events if you have some that have not been previously recorded or if you have not previously reported any training. In the new system in order to report on a session, you first have to add it as an event. You can do this for events that have already taken place. Use My Events/Add New Event on your Dashboard and submit the past event. Once your event has been approved in the system, use the Submit My Event Report to enter the additional details of the event and "close" out the event. Your People I've Trained calculation will then be updated.