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Facilitator Directory

Your name will not appear on the Facilitator Directory for your state if you have not reported Stewards sessions so far this year.  The information that appears on your directory listing is from Your Profile Information so if your information is not correct you can update it on your Profile page. (If you edit your email address it will mess up your total trained number that appears on the directory. We are working to address this problem.) 

If you don't see your name on the directory:

  • If you have reported a session but are still not listed, check to see if your session appears in your My Event listing when you View Past Events.  If it does not appear here, then your event has not been approved yet by us.  Check back later.  Once your event appears in your Events listing, then you will also appear on the facilitator listing.
  • If your event is listed in My Events, then go to your profile and ensure that the List in Directory option is checked.
  • If you have reported an event and it appears in your listing and the List in Directory option in your profile, then email facilitatorsupport@D2L.org.
  • If you haven't reported any sessions this calendar year please Add an Event (even though it has already happened), wait for it to be approved, and then select the option to Submit My Event Report.

If you have Stewards sessions that you haven't reported here's what you can do:

  • First add the session as a new event (Yes, even if the event has already occured!) Use the My Events/Add an Event button.
  • Wait for the confirmation that your event has been approved.
  • Under My Events select Report an Event and provide the info about your session.
  • Congrats! Now you will appear in the Facilitator Directory and your "Total Trained" number should be updated.