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We are pleased to announce the launch of Darkness to Light's new web site at www.D2L.org.  We are excited to share it with you, our facilitators, and the world and hope that it provides a rich experience for those wishing to learn more about us and prevention.

This means that the old site is no longer accessible and all of the facilitator resources are now available on the new web site.  You can add your events, report your training numbers, keep your contact information up to date, place orders, and access all of the facilitator tools and resources.  

We expect that it will take you a little time to get used to the new web site as well as the new facilitator login area.  Please consult the new User's Guide for the Web Site, under the Resource Center/Manuals.  There is also a list of Facilitator FAQs (frequently asked questions) in the resource area.  Please consult these resources for answering your "how do I" questions before emailing us.  You will most likely find the answer to your question without having to wait for a response from us. 

Going forward, our primary means of communicating with you will be through the Facilitator News area of the dashboard.  Please check there often for important news and information.  Bulk emails continue to give us major problems with undeliverability mostly due to tighter anti spam checkers. 

There may still be some glitches or minor things to work out.  Please report all issues to facilitatorsupport@D2L.org and we once again ask for your patience with a response.  We expect a high volume of questions and concerns and will get to them all as quickly as possible.