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Stewards of Children 2.0

When will the new version of Stewards of Children be released?

The new version was released in August 2013.  An online Facilitator Reauthorization Training is available to all facilitators.  It takes 3 hours to complete.  There is no cost to take the training.  There is a small cost to purchase the new facilitator materials. To access the Facilitator Reauthorization Training log in to your Facilitator Dashboard and access the link from the Training panel on the lower right side of your dashboard.  Click here for more information on taking the Facilitator Reauthorization Training.

What is the cost for me to switch over to the new version?
The only cost to you as the facilitator is for your new materials. At a minimum the cost is $10 plus shipping for the new Facilitator Guide & Script with the new DVD and one interactive workbook for your use.  For $25 plus shipping you can get a complete new facilitator kit which includes the new facilitator manual.  The facilitator manual is also available for download for free from the Resource Center on your facilitator dashboard.  The cost of the new Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook remains the same at $10 per workbook. 

How long is the new version of Stewards of Children?
The new version of Stewards of Children can be delivered in 2 hours.  It is broken down into 2 parts instead of 3. If organizations want longer discussion time, then a 2.5 hour session can be scheduled.

Will SOC 2.0 still require a training kit?
The training kit which currently includes the Interactive Workbook and a 7 Steps booklet is being replaced by one Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook.  You will no longer need to pair it with the booklet.  The booklets are still available for purchase. 

Will I need to pay for the updated facilitator guide and  training DVD?
Yes.  The cost is $10 plus shipping for a facilitator reauthorization kit.  This includes the new Facilitator Guide & Script with the new Stewards of Children DVD and one Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook.  For $25, you can opt to purchase a replacement facilitator kit which includes a new spiral bound Authorized Facilitator Manual, the Facilitator Guide & Script with a Stewards of Children DVD, one Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook, and a D2L lanyard packages in a sturdy box.  You can purchase your replacement materials by logging in to the Facilitator Dashboard and clicking the link on the My Orders panel.

Will the cost of the workbooks remain the same?
Yes.  The new Stewards of Children Interactive Workbooks are $10 each.  Bulk discounts are available.  

Will facilitators need to be retrained?
Yes.  All facilitators need to be reauthorized to conduct the new Stewards of Children.  A few online Facilitator Reauthorization Training is available.  Click here for more information about taking the Facilitator Reauthorization Training.  Once you complete the training, you will be able to purchase new Stewards of Children materials including your reauthorization kit and Stewards of Children Interactive Workbooks.  The reauthorization training will be available in mid-August.  

Can I use my current workbooks with the new version of Stewards of Children? 
No.  The current workbooks cannot be used with the new Stewards of Children DVD.  You must use the new Stewards of Children Interactive Workbook with the new Stewards of Children DVD.

What do I do with my inventory of old workbooks?
We recommend that you continue using the current version of Stewards of Children with your workbooks until your inventory is depleted.  We cannot swap out old workbooks for new.  Please note also that workbooks should not be given away.  Workbooks are to only be used with the Stewards of Children video curriculum. 

Can we trade in old SOC training kits for the new SOC workbooks?
No, we will not be able to exchange current Stewards of Children training kits for the new Stewards of Children Interactive Workbooks.  We encourage you to use your Stewards of Children training kits until it is depleted.  Of course we trust that you will use the appropriate Stewards of Children training DVD that corresponds with the proper training kit.  We also urge you to work with your community initiative to ensure you roll out SOC 2.0 at the same time. 

What are the new add-on modules I keep hearing about?
The four modules are:

  • Talking to Kids
  • Addressing Red Flag Behavior
  • Appropriate Touch in Youth Serving Organizations
  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Is there an online version of the new Stewards of Children?

Yes the new online version of Stewards of Children is available.  The cost per user is $10.  There are bulk discount seats available. 

Does the new Stewards of Children DVD support close captioning?
Yes.  If you turn on the close captioning feature on your TV, the new Stewards of Children DVD will work with close captioning.

Are the survivors the same in the new Stewards of Children?
Marilyn Van Debur and Guerry Glover are the two survivors that remain in the new Stewards of Children.  We will miss our "old" survivors from Stewards of Children but the new survivors that are featured are amazing and have incredibly powerful stories.  

Are the four tools the same in the new Stewards of Children?
The four tools have been transformed into three new action oriented empowerment skills.  They are Making Choices, Taking Personal Risks and Supporting Each Other.  They are in perfect alignment with the actions that we are now asking people to take. 

Are the 7 Steps to Protecting Children the same in the new version of Stewards of Children?
The 7 steps have been reworked into 5 steps to make them easier to understand and more memorable.  The 5 Steps are 1. Learn the Facts, 2. Minimize Opportunity, 3. Talk About It, 4. Recognize the Signs and 5. React Responsibly.

Is the new Stewards of Children approved for CEU credit?
The new Stewards of Children and Authorized Facilitator Workshop are approved for both NBCC and NASW for CEU Credit. The old Stewards of Children will still be good for CEU credit until Fall 2014.

What is the new song in Stewards of Children?
A new song was written for Stewards of Children. It is called "Step Into the Sun."  The facilitator can play the song separately from the video by accessing it from the DVD menu.  Ringtones are currently available for download on iTunes at $1.29 per ring tone.  The song will also soon be available for download.

Is Stewards of Children still evidence-based?
Yes. Because the new Stewards of Children contains the same delivery and core concepts as the original Stewards of Children.

How has the Interactive Workbook changed?
There are several new features of the workbook.  These include:

  • A removable sticker on the front cover of the workbook for the participant to wear for the day as a conversation starter.  It says "I took the training"
  • Photos of the survivors and experts with quotes from the video featured throughout
  • Appendices with more information including a Sample Code of Conduct
  • A tear out card in the back with one card for the participant about how to get further involved and 3 tear out cards of the 5 steps to share with a friend.I really like the Code of Conduct in Appendix B in the new Stewards of Children Workbook.  Can I get a copy without the word Sample in the background? People in my sessions want to make a copy to use at their organizations.
    The word "Sample" is emphasized and is intentional.  Any code of conduct used by any organization should be carefully considered, developed, and revised to fit the unique needs of that  organization. The sample code of conduct is intended as a sample and can be used as a starting point and reference in the development of a code of conduct suitable to the organization's culture and needs. A code of conduct must also be communicated and adopted by staff and volunteers. It must be incorporated into the hiring and management practices of the organization in addition to being posted in the organization.