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Entering a SOC Training on your Facilitator Dashboard

 How do I enter an upcoming Stewards of Children training?

Entering your upcoming Stewards of Children sessions will allow visitors to the Darkness to Light web site to see where and when training is available in their area. To enter your upcoming Stewards session, choose Add New Event from the My Events panel.  When entering a training event, the Event Name automatically defaults to Stewards of Children and can't be changed.  This allows us to have all Stewards trainings automatically approved so you don't have to wait on us to approve them. If you need to enter other prevention related events, use the Event Type of Special Event. You can also add additional event comments in the Event Description text box.  When adding an event, the event fields automatically default to what you previously entered. This will save you some time if your events are always held at the same location. To change the defaulted value, simply type over it.  Enter the information as follows. Note that fields with an asterisk are required:

  • Event Status should be set to On.
  • Event Type should be Training
  • Event Name will default to Stewards of Children
  • Event Descripton can be used to enter any specific notes about the Stewards session (such as who the training is being offered to, parking instructions, etc.)
  • Enter the Event Date in MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Enter the Start Time and End Time of the session including am or pm
  • Enter the Event Cost.  If there is no charge for the session, enter 0
  • Event Location Name is where the session is taking place
  • Enter the address of the location
  • Enter the Contact Name, Contact Phone and Contact Email. 

Click on the Create Event Now button to submit your event. 

Your training/event will appear as a scheduled event on your My Event panel and will also show on the Event listing on your State page. 

Can I put a register button on my Stewards training?

Our website is not designed to process individual registrations for Stewards sessions. The only events that you will see a Register button on is Facilitator Workshops and Prevent Now Workshops.

What do I enter in Event Cost if my event is Free?

You can enter 0 for events that are free.

Should I still add a Stewards session that is not open to the public?

If you have a Stewards of Children session that is not open to the general public, you have two options:

1. Add the event and in the Event Description note about who the event is for and that it is not open to the general public. The advantage of this is that a visitor to the website could see that there is training going on and may still contact you for more information about other sessions.

2. Add the event after it occurs.

Why Should I report My Stewards of Children Training Sessions?

There are many reasons why you should add your upcoming Stewards of Training sessions and report on them when completed.

  • Adding your scheduled sessions puts them on your state page on the D2L website which in effect markets the training in your community to D2L website visitors. This will allow people anywhere in the country to see where training is offered in their community and who is offering it. If your session is closed to the public simply note that in the event description.
  • Submitting your Training Report after your session updates your Total Trained on your dashboard and is your personal tally, hopefully reminding you of your personal training achievements.
  • You can earn recognition for achieving training milestones. At 100 you are in the 100 Club. At 500, the 500 Club. Top trainers each month are recognized in the Facilitator Newsletter.
  • You may be part of an initiative that requires training results to be reported on. This is especially important for funders of the initiative.
  • D2L is often called upon to provide data on where training is taking place and at what volume.

How do I enter a training that I co-facilitated with another facilitator?

Here are your options for entering a co facilitated Stewards of Children training:

1. Co facilitators take turns reporting sessions or

2. Have one facilitator enter the event for the Event listing.  After the event, have that same facilitator submit the training report for half of the people in attendance.  The other facilitator should submit a past event, and then report the training with the other half of the total trained. 

Note: So as not to double count training numbers within a particular community, you should not enter the training twice, that is, once for each facilitator.

My total trained is not accurate.

There could be many reasons why your People I've Trained total is not accurate. Here are a few:

  • You've changed your name or email address through the View/Edit My Profile.This is a current glitch in the system that is being worked on.  Email facilitatorsupport@d2l.org and let us know you changed your name or password and we will correct it for you.
  • You have co facilitated Stewards sessions in the past. Total trained is updated for the primary facilitator only and will not be double counted int he co facilitators training numbers.  If you co facilitator regularly you have 2 options for reporting the trainings.  First option is to take turns submitting and reporting. Second option is to have one facilitator submit the event, and then after the event, submit the report entering half of the total trained number. Second facilitator then submits same event and immediately reports event with the other half of the total trained. 
  • You did not report all of your Stewards sessions through the old survey reporting tool. Everything that was submitted into the old survey tool was brought over and converted to the new system.  There could still be a few anomolies but you can check what sessions were reported and converted by viewing your past events on your My Events panel.  It's up to you as to whether you wish to go back and enter and report on past events assuming you have record of all of your trainings. Enter the past event, wait for us to approve and then submit an event report for the event.

How do I change an event that I entered?

Upcoming scheduled events will appear in the My Events panel.  Under each scheduled event, there is an add, change or cancel an event link.  Select the link and make any modifications needed. If it is a past event, select the button to View Past Events.  You can update certain event information here depending on whether the event has been reported or not.