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Share a Success Story

We all know that success stories and testimonials are the best marketing for any product.  People are more likely to buy a product when there is a personal endorsement of how the product helped someone.  We think it's time to share with the world some of these personal testimonials about the impact Stewards of Children has had on the lives of adults and children.  We know these stories are out there.  Well we want to get them written down and in a form that can help you promote the program in your community.  For example, update our brochures, put quotes on our web site, share them in blogs and on facebook.  You get the idea.  To start collecting these stories, we ask that you share them on the Discussion Board in the Resource Center of the Facilitator Dashboard.  Whenever you can provide the name of the person who is willing to "go on the record" with their story and/or their position/where they work that adds credibility.  We'll share with you the materials we create so that you can put these success stories to work for you with your prevention efforts and thanks in advance!