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Updates on your dashboard

We have made some minor improvements to the D2L website that we hope will help you when adding a new event.

When you click on the “Add New Event” button from your dashboard, you will be brought to the “Add an Event” form. This template has not changed but we have now made it so that you can no longer change the “Event Name”. Instead when you change the “Event Type” the “Event Name” will change accordingly. 

All Stewards of Children trainings are categorized as “Training”.

All Prevent Now Community Awareness Meetings are categorized as “Meeting”. 

All Special Events are categorized as “Special Event”.

If you have a different name for the event you are conducting you will need to enter that in the “Event Description” section. 

For example, if you are conducting a Stewards of Children training for the local Parks & Recreation Center and you previously would have listed the training as “Parks & Recreation Stewards of Children Training”. It should now be entered in the “Event Description” field.

For all instructors entering Facilitator Workshops, this is not a feature we will be offering on the website. All Facilitator Workshops must be setup through Haley and/or Erika with a completed “host agreement”. 

Please keep an eye out as we are in the process of making small enhancements to the website that will better serve all of our hard working facilitators & instructors!