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Additional Resources

Public-Health-Issue-5.20.15.pdf   (Uploaded on 07/13/2015 12:03 PM)

Spanish-Speaking-Facilitators.pdf   (Uploaded on 07/06/2015 10:12 AM)

Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse & Neglect.pdf   (Uploaded on 06/12/2015 06:17 AM)
Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse & Neglect

Penalties for Failure to Report & False Reporting of Childe Abuse & Neglect.pdf   (Uploaded on 06/12/2015 06:17 AM)
Penalties for Failure to Report & False Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect

About-Darkness-to-Light-3.9.15.pdf   (Uploaded on 03/09/2015 10:14 AM)
About D2L

The 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children - Portuguese.pdf   (Uploaded on 02/17/2015 09:02 AM)
The 5 Steps to Protecting Out Children - Portuguese

Healthy Sexual Development 4.14.14.pdf   (Uploaded on 04/14/2014 12:35 PM)

Long-Term Consequences 4.11.14.pdf   (Uploaded on 04/11/2014 01:05 PM)

National Facilitator Fees.pdf   (Uploaded on 04/11/2014 01:03 PM)
Examples of National Facilitator Fees

Immediate Consequences 4.11.14.pdf   (Uploaded on 04/11/2014 12:59 PM)

Resources for Youth Serving Orgs 1.14.14.pdf   (Uploaded on 02/20/2014 11:02 AM)

Christian Education.doc   (Uploaded on 05/30/2012 08:34 AM)
Stewards Article in Church Newsletter

Internet Safety for Children.doc   (Uploaded on 05/30/2012 08:32 AM)
Internet Safety Information with Child Contract

Range of Sexual Behaviors.pdf   (Uploaded on 11/04/2010 11:54 AM)

NIS-4_Article.pdf   (Uploaded on 10/11/2010 08:09 AM)

april activities.pdf   (Uploaded on 10/11/2010 07:45 AM)
Read up on what fellow Facilitators planned to honor Child Abuse Prevention Month

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